Hey I’m Sarah, just some awkward girl who hates writing about me sections and is not great at business-y things. I started asking people if they thought it would be confusing for a photographer to have a cat logo if they weren’t a pet photographer- the response was overwhelmingly affirmative that it would be. Well anyways, here I am with my cat logo just doing my thang, and don’t get me wrong I will gladly photograph your furry friends.

These days I’ve found myself lost in an abyss of all these amazing photographers. You open Instagram and can find 1532 holy shit they are good photographers in like 8 seconds. They inspire me, no doubt, but sometimes it feels like everybody is trying to be the same person. I don’t want to be the same as everyone else! I think everyone has something unique they can bring to the table. Trying to fit that cookie cutter mould of ‘professional business woman’ is exhausting and weird. I’m still not even sure who allowed me to fit the definition of an adult honestly.

wtf is this girl rambling about? this is a very unprofessional About Me section -Anonymous






I am pretty good at clicking a shutter button and moving dials around to make a good picture (I think?) and photo editing is my JAM. My kind of Friday night is sitting at my computer with a Palm Bay in hand, a folder full of RAW files and some tunes. Bonus points if this takes place on my patio. If you think you are awkward in front of a camera: GIRL- I GOT YOU! As a fellow awkward person I assure you I can fanangle you into getting some pretty sweet photos. I suppose I should probably include some quick facts about myself- being as this is an ABOUT ME section and all, so here goes:

  • Born and Raised in Edmonton.
  • Been doing the whole photography thing since 2008.
  • Wife to an amazing hockey loving husband.
  • Mama to a baby boy, Evan (or #MiniEHunter).
  • Dabbles in the field of medical lab science.
  • Owner of a rescued Italian Greyhound who went semi-viral.
  • Drawer of super weird cats (check the ‘Escape to Weird Cats’ button at the top of this page *AT OWN RISK).
  • Lover of photography, travel, and learning new things.


Here is a few more photos of me doing miscellaneous things such as being fed morning hamburgers by bridesmaids and drawing cats on limos. My hair has been about a million colors if you couldn’t tell!

Congratulations if you made it this far! If you’d like to chat more about a session or hang out and take some shots together- let’s talk! (Maybe not on the phone though, does anyone enjoy getting a phonecall anymore?) My Contact section is a great place to start!