Probably the #1 question I am asked when people book their session is “what do I wear!?”. That’s why I decided to make a post about it for a bunch with tips and inspiration for you! And while I write a lot of my “helpful hints” for styling- these are completely OPTIONAL and you are welcome to wear absolutely anything to your session. I am there to capture your vision.

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My number one tip is to wear something that makes YOU feel happy and confident. The way you feel is a big factor in how your images come across, so if you are wearing something super uncomfortable or are distracted by tugging at clothing it’s going to have an impact on your session.

Another great tip especially for family photos is to be matching but not “MATCHING”. This can be kind of hard to describe. You want to have a few pieces of the same color family mixed in there, but not everyone wearing a white shirt and jeans. It’s also a good idea to mix in patterns and textures. You obviously don’t want everyone in a different pattern, but you can pick a few to mix it up. Here I have a color palette inspiration board which can help give you some inspirations for some complementary tones. I am also a huge fan of muted tones with little pops of color. You can also view my family outfit inspiration board here. You’ll notice lot’s of complementary color palettes and pops of texture or patterns here.

A photosession is a great time to play with accessories, even if you don’t normally wear that many. Hats, scarfs, sunglasses, and jewelry can all come across really great in a photo. It’s also easy to mix up looks by simply taking off a hat part way through the session.

It’s usually a good idea to stay away from logos or character shirts. Paw Patrol and big logos are better left at home. That being said- my husband basically only owns all Volcom tee’s and they have definitely made an appearance in some of our sessions.

You are welcome to wear more than one outfit during your session, though I usually recommend no more than one changeover. A better idea is usually to layer clothing to diversify your look. You can wear a jacket or cardigan and ditch it part way through the session.

Shoes are another thing I have seen people stress over for their sessions. Honestly- they aren’t in a lot of the shots, and the ones they are no one is really looking at them. If you are a shoe fanatic you are very welcome to bring your A game! Otherwise, I just recommend something pretty basic and easy to walk in. I can sometimes ask you go a bit “off roading” to get the perfect shot.

You are welcome to get ‘fancy’ for your session if that’s what you envision. However it’s definitely not necessary and you still want to feel like “you” when you see the photos after. If you wear glasses 95% of the time, wear them! Rock your authentic self.

It’s a good idea to group your outfits together a while before your session so you can take a look at how everything meshes together, AND nothing will be lost at the bottom of a dirty laundry basket (no? just me?…haha). You are more than welcome to text me photos of your outfits if you are looking for a little extra input.

For hair and makeup- I always recommend getting it done professional if you can swing it, however I know that’s not always possible or feasible. Makeup will always look like “less” in photos than in real life. So don’t be afraid to go for a bolder lip or blush, it’ll still look like you are barely wearing anything in camera. I am good friends with the owner of Niche Beauty in Sherwood Park and they offer “fresh face” makeup applications for around $50 that look phenomenal! Definitely worth a look.

Well I hope this helps! The main takeaway should be- wear whatever the F*@% you want! In all seriousness though if you need help planning or have other questions, just give me a shout!