Ok I am finally sitting down to write this post. If you thought DIY renos took a long time, the blog to WRITE ABOUT THE RENOS is even longer. I will get right to it. I wanted to update my tiny ensuite bathroom which I decided I’ve lived long enough with linoleum floors and orange/brown tile. I had previously attempted to DIY the vanity in there with paint and some Pinterest “fake new countertops” tutorial. Protip- don’t do this.

Anyhow, here are a few before shots of this beauty, take right before we ripped it apart because I always nearly forget to take before photos:

We always think we are going to be able to remove tile from drywall. This never happens easily. Just be prepared to cut out the drywall. It’s not as scary as it seems (spoken as someone who has never physically done any drywalling of course).

So being semi-handy people now who have done a few in home projects we naively figured, hey we can probably bang out at least MOST of this in a weekend, no problem. ATTN: NO YOU CANNOT. It doesn’t matter if you have a babysitter or a very wonderful FIL who comes to help you tile. It just takes… forever. Zach and his Dad pounded away at this thing for many long days and evenings. Things just take longer than you expect or you run into little problems along the way. I would say it took us a solid 3-4 weeks before I could use the bathroom again. Even then it wasn’t “finished” just functional, and that’s when things really slow down on the motivation front. So here she is!

So I guess some of my tips/things I would have done differently are:

•Check the brand of your current bath and shower faucets and buy within that brand. I had purchased a beautiful Moen set that was an awesome deal but we had Delta and everything was already tiled in so.. yeah.

•Try to see grout color samples. There is an actual sample strip they should have in the store depending where you go. We winged it with the color sticker on the bag and our floor grout it a bit wamer/yellowy than I would like.

•Before you buy a floating vanity, CHECK YOUR PLUMBING, or be prepared to move plumbing. This one almost ruined me lol.

The Price/Product List

•Lowes Faber 12-in x 24-in Polished Porcelain Tile Polished-Carrara White Porcelain -ordered on sale for $1.99/sq ft: $65

•Lowes American Olean Bayside 4-In x 16-In Bright White Ceramic purchased on sale for $0.99/sq ft: $175

•Gold pennyround tile for shower accent strip- Tile Mart Gateway Blvd: $50

•All tiling accessories (grout, mortar, spacers, etc): $35 at Lowes. Watch for coupons, when I purchased my tile I was able to get $100 worth of coupons I could use online.

•Drywall: $130

•Baseboards: $35

Delta Trinsic Tub/Shower Set: $235

•Delta Trinsic Towel Rod: $40 (purchased off a Kristina Lynne Instagram sale haha)

Wall Mount Black Shower Curtain Rod: $50

Rona Luxo Marbre Sink and Vanity: $260 (I got this as a boxing day sale item online. I also removed the pull bar and painted it black. It does not come with a faucet).

•Home Depot Glacier Bay bathroom faucet: $109

•Home Depot Gold circular mirror: $50 (I have always had good luck finding mirrors for great clearance price at Home Depot. Better than any online price).

•Shelving: Repurposed, sprayed hardware matte black. Originally from IKEA years ago.

Wayfair 2 Arm Gold Sconce: $125

IKEA LED Bulbs: $16 (These bulbs are quite dim. If you have a bathroom without a window this may be a problem).

Sico Evolution Paint (This is HANDS DOWN the best paint I have ever used. I use it for every project I do because it has almost 0 odour. Try to wait for a sale.)- $100

Society6 Shower Curtain: $80 (a million designs to choose from).

Urban Outfitters Peachy Clean Bathmat: $50 (Everyone asks about the bathmat. Urban outfitters has super cute options, they are not cheap, in my frugal opinion anyways).

•Framed Justine Ma “Lets Get Naked” Print and “You are Beautiful” decal: $35

Total: $1640-

Well that’s about it. I’ve probably forgotten to explain something or some item so if you have questions please just shoot me a quick message!