Hello there friends! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here but for good reason. I’ve been spending my days in a whirlwind of newborn cuddles and toddler tv shows. I felt like I really wanted to write this all down before these memories get erased due to sleep deprivation (lol). So here is my quick ramble of our last September days as a family of three. Welcome to the world Elliott Avery Hunter, we are so very in love with you already!

So a bit of backstory, with Evan I had the whole ‘in the movies’ type labor where your water breaks at 3AM and you get to rush to the hospital (not without a stop in the Tim Hortons drive-thru for Zach first though). I ended up with an emergency c-section but all was well, I just wanted baby to arrive safely and he did. This time around with a toddler I was thinking MAN not having to recover from a c-section would be kinda nice…however I had a planned c-section date of September 7th since this time around I had ended up with the ever-so-lovely PREGGOBETES. I could write a whole other blogpost on that I’m sure.

The week of September 7th rolled around I said ok, lets try to get this baby OUT (spoken like a temporarily diabetic woman in the throes of a hot smokey summer). I did it all, walking, lunging, eating dates, eating pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, bouncing on a yoga ball while eating dates and praying to the labor gods (you get the picture). However this babe decided he was rather comfy in there and decided he was staying put. It didn’t stop me from having a repeat of the day I decided to “get Evan out” just in case. We went for french treats at a special cafe, a super long walk by the river valley (and my old horse!) and of course my evening raspberry tea. Many of these are iPhone photos so please disregard the mediocre quality.

I finished off my last days with spicy noodles (not preggobetes approved) and getting bloodwork drawn for my impending surgery. It all seemed very planned (and like a lot of work and appointments). I said a big F U to insulin as I did my last shot. I made Zach take some last photos of me being super pregnant too.

The morning of September 7th arrived, we packed up and headed for the hospital. We walked up to the front desk of labor and delivery and I said “Hi, I’m here to get a baby out?” *motions to large pregnant body*. The front desk girl seemed slightly confused and asked if I was there for a planned c-section and I said yes. God I’m awkward. Anyways they give us our hospital gown and scrubs and take us to the little waiting room, which someone has left a box of DONUTS there for the taking. Thanks it’s not like I’m about to have surgery or anything and can’t eat. I glared at Zach while he ate one of the abandoned donuts, thinking internally how much shit we ladies have to sacrifice to make these tiny humans.

Everything went well and just like that you hear those tiny baby cries and your heart bursts knowing you are taking another ride on life’s craziest roller coaster.

We were overjoyed to welcome Elliott, and have him meet his big brother. I was also ecstatic to enjoy my first post-diabetes brownie.


I spent a few days in the hospital, as you do with a c-section. I was glad I brought my camera this time to document some of those special first moments.


Going home I’ve always found bittersweet. It’s obviously more comfortable in your own house, I missed Evan, it’s less disruptive for your sleep etc. But I also really relished both of my hospital stays. The staff at Grey Nuns are amazing, and both my doctor and my pediatrician were there. It’s just such a crazy whirlwind ride and I really tried to soak it all up. Also they feed you and do the dishes. That being said we settled in at home for a few days and I am really glad this time I got someone else to come take photos of us all. Sara Coulter Photography who I’ve had the pleasure of jiving with for the past year or so did an amazing job! I’m so glad we have these precious keepsakes.

So that’s where I’ve been at these past few weeks! I’m sure I will blink and suddenly there will be two grown boys wrestling on my floor, so I am really trying to soak in all this tiny baby goodness. Welcome Elliott, we couldn’t be more thrilled.