Hello friends! You may be asking yourself, this is a wedding and lifestyle photography blog why are there photos of a kitchen? To that I answer that… I have no answer, I just wanted to share our kitchen haha. I have been calling this a kitchen ‘refresh’ instead of a renovation because if you don’t say renovation out loud it doesn’t make it real right? Also we are not HANDY people! We can’t undertake a renovation ourselves! We don’t even own that many tools!

Well I suppose I can admit now that this was probably a LITTLE renovation, but not only did we not have the know-how on how to do major renos I also didn’t want to spend a million dollars doing a renovation either. So here is the Mavro Kitchen Refresh Guide! (ON THE CHEAP!).

When we bought our house a few years ago, I loved everything about it but wasn’t 100% sold on all the finishes. I do recall hyperventilating over my laptop while clicking through the listing photos 100000 times at max speed when we were deciding whether to put in an offer or not. We ended up buying it and it is a perfect little space for us! We re-did our floors earlier this year and ended up doing a Silver Maple Laminate from Timber Town. We also had it installed by Noah’s Flooring (780-935-4060) who were super cost effective and did a great job, it cost us about $1300 to do just over 800sq ft!

I knew once I did the floors I would want to update the kitchen. It was a lovely ‘builder grade pine’ with poo brown laminate and standard stainless steel sink. The previous owners had put in a back-splash but it wasn’t really my style. We did also decide to remove the top-tier from the island to make it more open and have more usable space.

So here are the before photos. Complete with random counter-top hoards and dirty dishes just to #KEEPITREAL


  • Primed and painted Cabinets with Zinsser 123 Primer and Benjamin Moore Advance Paint- $240.
  • Removed and replaced cabinet hardware with hardware from Amazon$100.
  • Replaced our sink with a 50/50 deep granite sink from Costco$280.
  • Replaced our faucet with this one from Amazon- $65.
  • Paid a plumber to install said sink and faucet- $145.
  • Replaced our backsplash with a white hexagon tile from Tile Town$290 (includes tile, grouting supplies, wet saw rental, and drywall from when we had to RIP OUR WALLS OUT to get the glass mosaic tiles out.)
  • Replaced track lighting with island chandelier from Wayfair $240.
  • Replaced poo-brown laminate counters with Irah Maple White Quartz installed by private contractor (contact me for his info!) $2000.
  • We also painted our entire main floor which cost us about $100! (Look for sales on paint!).


I am really bad at math but I believe that sets our total at $3460! If we add in the floors which we had done earlier in the year total mainfloor ‘refresh’ is at $4760.

So enough boring stuff, here are the after photos! (complete with dirty dishes in sink that you can’t see and a bunch of stuff shoved in the pantry for the purposes of these photos. DO YOU KNOW how much bread we eat? There is always a toaster on the counter. That is the magical illusion of social media. I noticed many things I should have tidied up or wiped down after I took these photos but decided MEH good enough for my purposes. Enjoy!

Edit: I have gotten a bunch of questions about painting your cabinets! We did NO sanding, and did not rent a paint sprayer. This was done with paint rollers. I read about 8600 Pinterest “DIY Paint Your Cabinets!” blog posts and the paint and primer combo I listed above came up time and time again. That primer is heavy duty and requires no sanding (which is crucial because I am hella lazy). The paint is also not cheap but is self leveling so as it dries any imperfections magically disappear. I would recommend wiping your cabinets down beforehand NOT WITH TSP like I did (is not recommended with the primer-oops). If you are looking for imperfectly perfect for your cabinets this might be for you!