Hey friends! This year fall is fast approaching (it’s AUGUST FOR GODS SAKE), the leaves are turning yellow and so many people love the beautiful colors this time of year I thought I’d make a little ‘quick tips’ guide for fall family photos! I don’t think I’ve blogged since like.. 2011. Anyways- I digress, onward to the fall photo tips.

Make it a Fun Activity: Bring stuff! You don’t have to bring a whole bunch of stuff or do a 10km hike, but a little pre-planning will make little people so much more excited and focused! Bring some bubbles, find a bridge or park to explore, a cute snack (can be used as an incentive for the very end). Fly a kite, bring a wagon, or check out a pumpkin patch!

Bring the WHOLE Family!: If you have a furry friend that likes going out- bring them! They don’t need to be in all the photos, but it’s always nice to get a shot with our furry family members too. If your pup is a bit on the crazy side and you will be spending your attention and energy managing them the entire time- you might want to skip this one. Also be prepared to take 25 photos in a row and just hope to god everyone is looking at the camera in one of them. Candid shots are great for this reason haha.

Find Shade: This one is kind of a personal preference- you can do a lot of cool shots with the sun and shadows, however for the average beginning shade is your friend. It evens out skin tones, no one is squinting with their retinas being burned, and just overall easier to work with. Ideally you’d like to be shooting about an hour before the sun goes down- this is not always feasible when bedtimes are 7pm though! If you have to shoot in the sun, have people face away from it so you are shooting into the sun. I typically underexpose a bit and then lighten the subjects later.

What to Wear?: I get this question TONS- for all kinds of sessions. My number one answer is whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in. You will be able to relax more and not be worrying about tugging at uncomfortable clothing you’ll never wear again. That being said neutral colors, or color families work very well together. ie. blacks greys whites, or add a pop of color/pattern that can be worn by some/all members!

Roll With It: Little people have a lot of emotions and opinions. Sometimes they just don’t feel like doing a certain activity or pose. Suggest things, coax, but if something isn’t working just move on to something else. You can always try re-visiting it later.

Fake It: Fall in Edmonton is like…1 week long. We get all those gorgeous colors and one windy day and it’s GAME OVER. Last year was especially bad. If you miss the boat- don’t worry, you can still make it look like fall. Bring a plaid blanket, wear scarfs or boots, and nice cardigan or cozy sweater will give you that vibe you are looking for. Sometimes if you are lucky you can spot a stubborn tree that still has yellow leaves when everything else is bare.

Hire a Professional: Ok this should probably be #1 seeing how I am a photographer and all, but hiring a professional to do family photos is easily the best tip. I will admit I have tried DIY-ing my own family shots as well and let me tell you, even when you know what you are doing behind the camera it is dang near impossible to get good shots of yourselves! A lot of photographers (not all!) give you high resolution files from your session now so you can print them yourselves for a lot cheaper. The session fee is definitely worth having some great shots of your family- those little ones grow so fast, freeze them in time while you can!

Happy Shooting! If you have specific questions I am more than happy to answer them, shoot me a message or email (hello@sarahmavro.com). If you’d like to look at booking a fall session with me- get in touch! Fall Mini sessions are booking now for September 27th: $250/25 Files/25 Minutes. Reserve your spot before they fill up!